Friday, February 22, 2013


This is my 4th iPhone 4 and I've had numorous issues. My iPhone decides when it wants to work, when I hit home from exiting out Safari or Messages, the whole top of my bar for service logo, battery, etc. disappears, for like two seconds. I go into my phone's photos and scroll through things, and it messes up the picture... Pixelates it. I get booted out of Messages all the time. When I'm texting, and I'm in Messages, someone will text me and it will disappear for a minute and than come back out of nowhere. My calls sound like I'm in a box and all Apple wanted to do was give me a new phone, but they ended up giving me a used one which is crap and I brought it back. I bought my phone brand new, and it wasn't my fault that their electronics were messing up. OMG I can't tell you how over I am with Apple devices. And I use to love Apple
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Damn Apple!

My son waited outside to purchase two iPhone 5's for his girlfriend & himself. His girlfriend began having issues with her lock button. Eventually the issue became worse and stopped working. My son took the device to the Apple Store located at 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd in Atlanta, GA, and was told that the device no longer had a warranty because one of the liquid indicators was missing. He was told he must have opened the device and removed one. The others were in place and detected no liquid damage. My son told the rep Jason Brown that he didn't know how to open a iPhone and that it was purchased like that. He request to see the store Mgr. The store mgr Brad Johnson looked at the phone and stated "yes, it's missing. You removed it." My son called me in MI upset and explained what happened. I made a call to the corporate Apple office 866-381-0453 and explained the problem that my son was having. I was told that Apple stands behind their store mgrs.
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Class Action Suit, Anyone?

1st) some complaints are due to ignorance of equipment. Classes are available online & plenty of documentation; any appliance I purchase, I read the manual. Lots of info available via search at Apple's site & many others. 2nd) Sprint is known to have a poor service area & AT&T is not much better; only Verizon truly has service almost everywhere in US as well as offering insurance (I know, as I have it). One can get a 4S with contract for free, so hard to imagine anyone still using a 3. 3rd) I got an Otter case--did not use the 4S 'til it was protected. That being said, lots of problems stem from the fact that there is NO software available to keep hackers out. And ISPs are very behind the curve on protecting Apple products via THEIR routers. Apple refuses to accept reality--their products are very vulnerable. iPhone=computer & providers charge $$. Your resources are being used. And iCloud is a joke. Apple needs suing--big time! And those w/purchase issues: call your credit card to stop $ 'til fixed.

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No proper Repair

My iPhone 5 slipped out of jeans pocket and screen smashed. Service center doesn't have screen to repair, and lied 1) office announcement is, you can only change for a new phone. 2) no screen in any store in China. 3) we don't know when the screen would come. 4) I'm the manager in charge, just talk to me (3 ppl. claimed). 5) I don't understand English, you need speak Chinese if want service. 6) no special discount to consumers. Anyone has, the person will be fired immediately.... Apple China only trained its retail staff to lie to Chinese consumers.

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Charger Problem

I find it pathetic that such a nice phone can't have a decent charger. I have had my iPhone 5 two months and my charger already is worthless. It seems they get worse every year. I guess that means I get to spend more money. But I will definitely buy an off-brand charger before I'll buy from Apple, f I give my money to Apple and they can't produce products that last longer than 2 months. The cheap charger will probably last 10 years compared to your charger's two months. I'm thinking you need to make some improvements in the chargers.

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Most Defective products

Apple creates products with a lot of defects and unrefined products that should be in R&D for a couple of Years more! Ban APPLE Products

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