Friday, February 22, 2013

Class Action Suit, Anyone?

1st) some complaints are due to ignorance of equipment. Classes are available online & plenty of documentation; any appliance I purchase, I read the manual. Lots of info available via search at Apple's site & many others. 2nd) Sprint is known to have a poor service area & AT&T is not much better; only Verizon truly has service almost everywhere in US as well as offering insurance (I know, as I have it). One can get a 4S with contract for free, so hard to imagine anyone still using a 3. 3rd) I got an Otter case--did not use the 4S 'til it was protected. That being said, lots of problems stem from the fact that there is NO software available to keep hackers out. And ISPs are very behind the curve on protecting Apple products via THEIR routers. Apple refuses to accept reality--their products are very vulnerable. iPhone=computer & providers charge $$. Your resources are being used. And iCloud is a joke. Apple needs suing--big time! And those w/purchase issues: call your credit card to stop $ 'til fixed.

Ban Apple Products!

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